SpaceX Starlink Dish V4 Now Sold at Best Buy

starlink best buy

SpaceX has broadened its retail strategy by partnering with Best Buy to sell its latest Starlink dish, offering consumers an alternative purchasing option for the satellite internet hardware.

The next-generation ‘Standard’ Starlink dish, Version 4 (V4), is available for $599.99 USD. This matches the cost on the official Starlink store and offers expedited delivery, with orders potentially arriving as soon as the next day.

This retail expansion could significantly boost SpaceX’s sales of Starlink units, as the official Starlink website currently limits the availability of the V4 dish to residential subscribers in select areas of the United States. Customers interested in the new dish outside these areas are required to opt for Business or Roaming tiers on the Starlink site.

Early adopters have reported that the V4 dish provides notably higher download speeds, improved upload performance, and better overall consistency compared to previous models. Additionally, the new dish includes a Wi-Fi 6 router, enhancing wireless coverage for users.

Best Buy also sells Starlink accessories such as replacement cables, Ethernet adapters, mounts and more, allowing subscribers to easily purchase peripherals without relying on the official Starlink store. The retailer also currently sells Tesla’s Wall Connectors.