Peplink Partners with Starlink for Enhanced Internet Solutions

peplink starlink

Peplink, a leader in SD-WAN routers, has entered a significant agreement with SpaceX’s Starlink, becoming an Authorized Technology Provider.

This collaboration aims to integrate Starlink’s Flat High Performance terminal with Peplink’s routers, addressing the challenges of cost, speed, and reliability in internet services for mobile, maritime, and remote businesses.

“Our combined solution gives any business access to affordable, fast and reliable Internet bandwidth globally,” said Alex Chan, CEO and founder of Peplink, in a statement.

In a groundbreaking initiative for the cruise industry, Peplink solution providers have successfully deployed multi-link aggregation routers and Starlink satellite terminals on a large cruise ship. This deployment significantly enhanced the ship’s internet reliability and speed while reducing operational costs compared to previous internet solutions.

“With Peplink technology, we achieved over 1Gbps capacity with multiple Starlinks on the cruise ships, delivering seamless internet connectivity to passengers,” said Chad Gibbs, Vice President of Starlink Business Operations, in a statement. “Starlink is excited to work with our Authorized Technology Providers to continue solving complex customer connectivity issues to expand access to high-speed Internet for businesses and mobile users across the globe.”

The agreement allows Peplink to offer technological support through authorized solution providers for the joint solution. This partnership is set to provide value-added networking products and services through a global network of Authorized Peplink & Starlink Solution Providers, enhancing internet service accessibility in challenging environments.