Tesla 2023.44.25 Holiday Update Rolling Out to Employees

Tesla’s 2023 holiday software update started rolling out to employees on late Tuesday, it appears.

This year’s holiday update is coming in as version 2023.44.25 and according to TeslaFi, was detected as waiting for download on a 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

According to @Teslascope, they noted yesterday that this 2023 holiday software update comes with a strict NDA reminder for employees. “One employee we spoke to was very excited though,” said the account, noting that this released was pushed to a wider group and that leaks are likely expected soon.

It’s unclear what Tesla has in store for this year’s holiday update. Many are hoping for version 12 of Full Self-Driving or even improved wiper performance, and Actual Smart Summon (ASS).

Last year, Tesla’s holiday software update was version 2022.44.25 and included a plethora of new features including a native Apple Music app, MyQ Connected Garage integration and more. This year’s holiday update is following that version number but just starting with 2023 instead.