Tesla Gives Cybertruck Reservation Holders $1K Discount on New Cars

Cybertruck offer

Tesla has announced a special offer for customers with active Cybertruck reservations, according to an email received by Tesla North.

Those who have placed their reservations before November 30, 2023, are now eligible for a $1,000 USD ($1,350 in Canada) discount on the lease or purchase of any new Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y. This offer is valid until December 31, 2023.

The discount applies only to new vehicle orders and excludes used vehicles. It is limited to one per customer account and is non-transferable. However, it can be combined with other ongoing offers from Tesla. The company has stated that the terms and conditions of this promotion are subject to change without prior notice.

Tesla’s initiative appears to be an effort to maintain customer engagement and satisfaction, particularly among those awaiting the delivery of the much-anticipated Cybertruck. The offer is communicated directly to customers in the queue for the Cybertruck, encouraging them to explore other models in Tesla’s lineup while they wait. This is yet another method to push for more sales in Q4.

Earlier today, Tesla took the wraps off its highly-anticipated Cybertruck, revealing pricing and specs plus available accessories. The company also revealed Powershare technology for the Cybertruck, while also increasing reservation pricing to $250 USD (up from $100 USD).