Tesla Reveals First Cybertruck Accessories

Cybertruck Keep the Adventure Going Carousel Slide 1 Lightbar Desktop png

Tesla has officially announced a range of accessories for its Cybertruck, enhancing its utility and appeal for outdoor enthusiasts. The newly revealed accessories include a light bar, a basecamp tent, and a spare tire, each designed to augment the Cybertruck’s off-road and adventure capabilities.

The highlight of these accessories is the powerful light bar, capable of illuminating up to 525 yards ahead – a distance greater than five football fields. This feature is particularly useful for night driving in remote areas, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety. However, installation of the light bar is required.

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For camping enthusiasts, Tesla introduces the Basecamp tent (it was previously leaked in the mobile app), which comfortably accommodates two adults. Notably, this tent is designed for quick and easy setup, inflating within minutes, making it ideal for spontaneous outdoor adventures.

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Additionally, recognizing the importance of preparedness in rugged terrains, Tesla recommends carrying a spare tire, especially when venturing into areas where roadside assistance may not be available. The spare tire is designed to match the Cybertruck’s all-terrain tires, ensuring reliability in diverse environmental conditions.

Here are all the Cybertruck accessories now available on Tesla’s website:

  • Cybertruck Basecamp: $2,975
  • Cybertruck Color Paint Film: $6,500
  • Cybertruck Spare Tire + Tool Kit: $1,250
  • Cybertruck All-Weather Interior Liners: $295
  • Cybertruck Carpet Interior Mats: $155
  • Cybertruck Underseat Storage Bin: $250
  • Cybertruck Glass Roof Sunshade: $115
  • Cybertruck Center Console Tray: $40
  • Cybertruck Vault Cargo Bins: $225
  • Cybertruck Satin Clear Paint Film: $5,000
  • Cybertruck Crossbars: $800
  • Cybertruck Tailgate Ramp: $400
  • Cybertruck Bumper Protectors: $80
  • Cybertruck OMFG Decal: $55
  • Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider: $350
  • Cybertruck MOLLE Panels: $250
  • Cybertruck L-Track Hooks: $25
  • Cybertruck L-Track Cleat: $25
  • Cybertruck L-Track Bottle Opener: $25
  • Cybertruck D-Rings: $40
  • Cybertruck Gear Locker Dividers: $45
  • Cybertruck 20″ Snow Chains: $345
  • Cybertruck Air Compressor Ultra + Tire Repair Kit: $550
  • Cybertruck Cyber Wheel Cover: $75

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