First Tesla Cybertruck Hits Showrooms, Showcasing Build Quality

cybertruck showroom

Tesla looks to have started showcasing the first Cybertrucks at showrooms, with one hitting Southern California yesterday.

That’s according to Russell (@4thefutur), who shared images and video of a pristine-looking Cybertruck from the Tesla showroom at UTC Mall in San Diego. He called the fit and finish “10/10” and according to the rep there, this was VIN #1200.

He says that Tesla employees were able to confirm that seats were perforated. The Cybertruck was roped off and the doors were locked, so nobody was able to go inside.

We can see that the side mirrors now have a stainless steel cap on the exterior to better blend into the body, compared to previous prototypes.

Here’s another video from YouTube showcasing the Cybertruck inside the San Diego showroom:

YouTube video

According to Tesla owner Zack (@BLKMDL3) who is at the showroom now, he says they are only allowing photos and no videotaping. “It’s so sick,” he said of the Cybertruck on display.

Zack noted people were waiting outside for an hour to go see the Cybertruck before the showroom opened.

Tesla will deliver its first Cybertrucks at a special event on November 30, 2023, at Giga Texas.