Tesla to Deliver First 10 Cybertrucks at Special Event, Says Exec

Tesla’s Product Design Director, Javier Verdura, predicts a major shift in the automotive industry by 2026.

Speaking at a keynote in Monterrey, Mexico, part of the Jorge L. Garza UdeM Inspira Chair, Verdura projected that electric vehicles (EVs) will surpass internal combustion engine cars in sales and production by 2026. He based his forecast on current trends showing a rapid increase in EV production and a decline in gasoline vehicles.

Verdura, who joined Tesla 12 years ago after an interview with CEO Elon Musk, reflected on Tesla’s journey. Initially a company little known, Tesla has now become a pioneer in the EV market. He emphasized Tesla’s commitment to sustainable energy, stating, “For Tesla, design is the key strategy to advance our mission of transitioning to sustainable energy, not just electric cars.”

Tesla’s significant growth is evident in its production numbers. From producing 2,350 Model S units in 2012, Tesla has expanded to manufacturing 1.8 million vehicles annually. In 2012, the global production and sales of EVs were at 130,000 units, which has now soared to 17 million.

Highlighting Tesla’s influence on the automotive industry, Verdura noted, “The best-selling car worldwide is Tesla’s Model Y. Our approach to design, innovation, and technology not only propelled Tesla but also transformed the entire automotive sector.” He added that other car manufacturers, initially dismissive of Tesla, are now following its lead in EV development, reports Milenio (via @Tslachan).

Verdura concluded with a significant announcement: the much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is set to hit the market on November 30, with the first 10 deliveries scheduled. It’s unclear if these will be employee or customer vehicles. Are you ready for Cybertruck? Only 13 more days, folks!