Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in the Wild in Canada

cybertruck quebec 1

Tesla’s Cybertruck has been spotted in the streets of Quebec, Canada.

According to photos and video shared by Phil. G on Facebook, the Cybertruck was seen driving in Quebec on the highway and also in town driving through a shopping centre. You can see the Cybertruck driver waving a photographers and driving by an RBC.

Cybertruck quebec canada 2

Here’s the Cybertruck spotted on the highway in Quebec outside Montreal:

Cybertruck montreal

Is this the first sighting of the Cybertruck in Canada? Some noted that they saw the Cybertruck in Ontario a month ago. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to see the Cybertruck north of the border.

Tesla also tested its Model Y in Canada ahead of the latter’s launch here. Tesla will deliver its first Cybertrucks at a special event on November 30, 2023, at Giga Texas.