SpaceX Drops Starlink Price in Canada, Offers Refurbished Kits at 50% Off

starlink kit hero

SpaceX says Starlink has reduced the cost of its hardware in Canada from $759 to $499 CAD for a limited time, according to the company’s product and service overview, as confirmed by Tesla North.

Additionally, refurbished hardware kits are now available for $250 CAD, offering consumers a more budget-friendly option at 50% off the price of regular hardware kits. These refurbished kits are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure they function the same as standard orders.

The service includes unlimited high-speed, low-latency internet and is designed for simple setup via the Starlink app, eliminating the need for professional installation. Customers can download the app on iOS or Android platforms. After placing an order, users can log into their accounts to explore a selection of compatible accessories in the Starlink shop.

Billing for the service begins upon activation of the Starlink hardware or 30 days after shipment, whichever comes first. The monthly service fee is set at $140 CAD, in addition to the hardware cost. It’s worth noting shipping will cost you $50 CAD.

The standard Starlink kit includes a WiFi router, a 50-foot Starlink cable, a router AC power cable, and a base. With the new pricing, customers have the option to choose between the standard hardware kit priced at $499 CAD and the refurbished kit available for $250 CAD.

Back in May, Starlink offered its hardware on sale for $199 CAD in Canada and the refurbished pricing of $250 is close to that. For Canadians in rural areas seeking high-speed satellite internet connectivity, this may be something worth jumping on. Typically, rural internet in Canada is expensive and slow, but Starlink offers a turn-key high-speed solution that traditional telecoms cannot match.