Another New Tesla Model 3 Test Drive Impresses [VIDEO]

new model 3 test drive

In a recent video review, Mat Watson from Carwow took the new Tesla Model 3 for a test drive, providing an in-depth look at what the updated electric car has to offer. Watson began by highlighting the car’s minimalist interior and new steering wheel, setting the stage for a comprehensive review.

Watson’s verdict? The new Model 3 is “even better” than the old one, offering a range of improvements from acoustic glass to a revamped suspension system.

Acoustic Glass: A Game-Changer for Comfort

“This one has it on the front and rear windows, so that should improve comfort,” Watson said, referring to the acoustic glass that was previously only on the front windows of the last generation Model 3. “I know this is a loud horn on the outside, but I’m not hearing it so much on the inside. So this soundproofing, already I can tell that it’s improved over the old car.”

Steering and Controls: A Mixed Bag

Watson noted that the new Model 3 has done away with traditional stalks for driving and turn signals. “We’ve got the new Tesla Model 3 steering wheel here, so I have to press this button. It has haptic feedback, and actually, it feels like a real button,” he said. However, he also mentioned, “I would prefer a stalk, still not gonna lie to you. Wish they hadn’t got rid of the stalk.”

Suspension: A Noticeable Improvement

“They’ve also made a lot of changes to the suspension—the springs, the dampers, the way the suspension is mounted to the car, the bushings—to hopefully make it more comfortable,” Watson observed. After driving over various terrains, he concluded, “It’s definitely quieter, it’s definitely quieter. Yeah, this is more relaxing, I can say that already.”

Efficiency: Setting New Standard

Watson was particularly impressed by the car’s efficiency. “Average energy consumption [is] 136 Watt-hours per kilometer… that works out to 4.57 miles per kilowatt-hour, which is pretty blooming good,” he said. “It’s not bad; it’s not quite the 423 [miles], but it’s 81% of the claimed range, which by experience driving electric cars to see how far they go in the real world is a decent number.”

Final Verdict: Go Ahead and Buy It

“When you consider that the old Model 3 was still at the top of its game, this one is even better. So the verdict is easy: you should go right ahead and buy the new Model 3,” Watson concluded.

For those considering an upgrade or a first-time purchase, Watson’s review makes it clear: the new Tesla Model 3 is a vehicle that has not just met but exceeded expectations. Check out the full video below:

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