Tesla Launches New Model 3 in China, Europe, Middle East

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Tesla has launched its new Model 3 in China and it’s showing on the company’s website. It appears earlier leaks were indeed accurate. The starting Model 3 has a 4.4 second 0 to 100 km/h and an estimated CLTC range of 713km for the all wheel drive Dual Motor version.

There’s a front camera in the bumper on the new Model 3, eliminating the need for ultrasonic sensors.

This new Model 3 is available for China, Europe and the Middle East, along with Australia. No word on Canada, the U.S. and other areas yet.

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This new Model 3 has significant upgrades designed to set new standards in electric vehicle technology and comfort. With its launch, Tesla is looking to fortify its position in the increasingly competitive electric car market.

Go the Distance with Aerodynamic Efficiency

One of the most notable updates is the vehicle’s extended range; the new Model 3 can travel up to 629 km on a single charge (Europe and Middle East). The enhanced range is due in part to updated exterior styling focused on maximizing aerodynamic efficiency.

Upgraded Comfort and Handling

Tesla has also improved ride comfort, attributing the more refined and relaxed driving experience to a stiffer body structure and updated suspension tuning.

Fresh Aesthetic Choices

Adding a splash of flair, Tesla introduced two new color options—Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. Both colors are designed to appear differently depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions.

Elevated Interior Experience

The car’s interior has received a significant revamp, featuring more sophisticated materials, ventilated seats, and customizable ambient lighting. Additionally, rear passengers can now enjoy a new touchscreen to control climate settings and entertainment features.

A Centerpiece of Innovation

The centerpiece touchscreen in the front has been redesigned to have smaller bezels, resulting in more usable screen space. Not only is the screen larger, but it also offers brighter and higher-contrast visuals, along with improved responsiveness.

Improved Acoustics and Comfort

In terms of audio quality, the upgraded Model 3 comes equipped with an impressive sound system featuring up to 17 speakers, dual subwoofers, and dual amplifiers. It’s a system that “obviously goes to 11,” says Tesla.

Comfort also extends to the quietness inside the cabin. Thanks to 360-degree acoustic glass, the interior remains tranquil, regardless of the noise level outside. The car has also been engineered to minimize road and wind noise.


The upgraded Tesla Model 3 is now available for purchase in Europe and the Middle East and Australi. Estimated deliveries are showing as soon as October-November.

With these enhancements, Tesla continues to push the boundaries of what consumers can expect from an electric vehicle, offering a combination of range, comfort, and technological innovation.

Tesla Model 3: Upgraded Features and Specifications

  1. Quieter Cabin
    • 360-degree acoustic glass for a whisper-quiet experience.
  2. All-Glass Roof
    • UV-protective and lets in natural light.
  3. Premium Materials
    • Softer and more sophisticated interior materials with elevated precision.
  4. Sublime Sound
    • Tesla-designed audio system with up to 17 speakers, dual subwoofers, and dual amplifiers.
  5. Rear Display
    • 8-inch touchscreen for rear passengers with climate and entertainment controls.
  6. Ventilated Seats
    • Front seats can be ventilated via phone or set to adjust automatically with climate controls.
  7. Wireless Charging
    • Charge two phones simultaneously and enjoy clearer calls with upgraded microphones.
  8. Two New Colors
    • Stealth Grey and Ultra Red, designed to change based on light and viewing angle.
  9. All-New Interior
    • Wraparound styling with customizable ambient lighting.
  10. Upgraded Wheels
    • New styling, increased range, and reduced noise due to upgraded tires and wheels.
  11. Built for Distance
    • Up to 629 km (WLTP) range on a single charge, thanks to optimized aerodynamics.
  12. Charging and Motor Specs
    • Dual Motor: 15-min recharge for up to 282 km.
    • Dual Motor AWD: 629 km range (WLTP).
    • RWD: 513 km range (WLTP).
    • Top Speed: 201 km/h.
    • 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds.

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