Updated Starlink Map Now Shows Internet Speeds by Area

Starlink download speeds map

SpaceX has rolled out a new feature on its Starlink website, offering users a detailed look at expected internet speeds across the United States. The updated coverage map, which initially served to indicate waitlist status for the residential Starlink service, now provides estimates for download, upload, and latency speeds in each state.

The new feature aims to eliminate confusion surrounding the Starlink service, which starts at $90 to $120 per month. While SpaceX’s specification document had previously indicated a broad range of download speeds—from 25Mbps to 100Mbps—the updated map offers more precise estimates tailored to individual states. Users can access this information by selecting the drop-down menu next to the “Availability” icon on the Starlink website, points out PCMag.

The map reveals varying download speeds across the country. In the southern U.S., speeds can fluctuate between 30Mbps and over 100Mbps, with a median experience of 25Mbps to 50Mbps. These slower speeds are attributed to network congestion, as a high number of Starlink subscribers in these areas can strain the service, particularly during peak hours.

Conversely, in the western U.S., download speeds are more promising, ranging from 50Mbps to over 120Mbps, with median speeds clocking in at 75Mbps to 100Mbps. Upload speeds appear to be relatively consistent nationwide, averaging between 9Mbps and 18Mbps.

The map also includes a disclaimer, stating that the displayed metrics are based on the “Standard” service plan during local peak hours and are updated monthly. These metrics are not guaranteed and may vary due to several factors, including geography and Wi-Fi performance.

Internationally, the Starlink service seems to fare better in Europe, where download speeds can soar from 150Mbps to over 220Mbps, likely due to a smaller user base compared to the U.S. To further enhance the service, SpaceX plans to launch thousands of additional satellites into orbit.

Recently, SpaceX started selling Starlink kits at physical retail stores for the first time, showing up at Costco in Japan. In the past 12 days, SpaceX has launched three Starlink missions, continuing the growth of its constellation network.