PepsiCo Details its 21 Tesla Semi Trucks in New Video

pepsi semi

PepsiCo has shared more about its fleet of 21 Tesla Semi electric trucks, in a new video shared this week.

The beverage company details the Semi fleet that works at its Sacramento, California plant, that is powered completely by solar.

Pepsi says three Semis from its fleet are dedicated to long haul routes, ranging from 250 to 400 miles. There are two shifts for drivers that drive cargo for Northern California. Turnaround charging time is “quick” with 750 kW chargers for the Semis. The trucks from Tesla were praised by drivers for being easy to use and having a better turning radius than some of their cars.

“It’s been great working with PepsiCo,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a reply to Sawyer Merritt.

Check out the cool video below:

Run On Less – Electric Depot – PepsiCo from NACFE on Vimeo.