Tesla Delays New Model 3 Delivery Dates in Europe, Up to Jan. 2024

Tesla has surprised European customers with an unexpected delay in the delivery dates for its popular Model 3 sedan. The new timeline has led to widespread speculation of an impending refresh of its ‘Project Highland’.

According to changes spotted by @Tslachan, customers in Europe are seeing the latest estimated delivery dates on Tesla’s website below for the Model 3:

Waiting until January 2024 for a Model 3 Performance? That’s up to five months away from now, which seems crazy. These vehicles are produced at Giga Shanghai in China, which is rumoured to be retooling and preparing for ‘Highland’.

Right now, the U.S. and Canada are seeing Model 3 estimated delivery dates of July/August for all three variants. These cars are made at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California.

The delayed delivery dates have fueled speculation and rumors within the Tesla community. Some industry analysts and enthusiasts believe that this could signal the arrival of a Model 3 refresh soon.

The Model 3 has been one of Tesla’s flagship vehicles, leading the way in the affordable electric vehicle market. An update to this line could signify a strategic move by the company to maintain its dominance in the EV market. The Model 3 cosmetically has not undergone any major changes since launching in 2017.