Ford F-150 Lightning Recall Reaches Canada Over Lightbar

F 150 lightning recall

Transport Canada has issued a safety recall for certain 2022-2023 models of the Ford F-150 Lightning trucks. The recall was prompted by an identified issue in the rear lightbar of the trucks, which could potentially crack, allowing water to leak in and impair the functioning of the reverse lamps. This defect poses an increased risk of collision when the vehicle is backing up.

Specifically, the recall impacts trucks equipped with the Platinum or Lariat trim package. Ford’s internal recall number for this issue is 23S30, and it affects approximately 4,649 units in the light truck and van category.

Transport Canada described the safety risk stating, “Reverse lamps that don’t work could cause others not to recognize when a vehicle is backing up, increasing the risk of a crash.”

In order to rectify the issue, Ford has committed to alerting owners by mail. The automaker is instructing them to take their vehicles to a dealership for a rear lightbar replacement. Owners seeking additional information are encouraged to contact Ford directly at 1-800-565-3673 or visit the company’s recall website.

This same recall was first announce in the U.S. with the NHTSA, recall number 23V-418.