GM Defense Unveils Military Hummer EV Concept

Gm defense

Image via Breaking Defence

GM Defense–a subsidiary of GM–made a significant stride in the evolution of military vehicles by revealing a new hybrid concept at the Modern Day Marine 2023 event.

The vehicle, based on the company’s all-electric GMC Hummer pickup, is part of the US military’s larger exploration into the potential application of electric vehicles, reports Breaking Defense.

GM Defense christened this new creation the Electric Military Concept Vehicle (eMCV), specifically designed to showcase the feasible directions that military transportation could head in. A spokesperson for GM Defense spoke about initiating discussions and contributing to shaping future requirements for the military, shedding light on the potential of customization options and size variations.

The eMCV borrows the chassis and suspension from the Hummer electric vehicle, yet it diverges with larger 37-inch tires and an alternative brake system to better equip it for off-road navigation. Paul Beaker, the company’s chief engineer and director for advanced product development, elaborated on these modifications.

Beyond its physical alterations, the eMCV possesses a 24-module, double-stacked (200+ kilowatt hour) Ultium battery pack serving as its primary power source. It is also armed with a 12-kilowatt diesel-powered generator, used for limited charging, which technically classifies it as a series hybrid. The company reports a 300-mile combined driving range, with the ability to charge up for a 100-mile drive in only 12 minutes. Demonstrating its military worth, the display vehicle was fitted with a 46-inch gun ring and a swing side-arm mount.

Although not specifically designed for a particular request, the eMCV has the purpose of guiding GM Defense’s ongoing Next Generation Light Tactical Wheeled Vehicle development. It is also positioned to support its proposal for the Army’s Electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (eLRV) program.

Beaker kept the details of the forthcoming eLRV proposal under wraps, confirming only that plans are in progress. This aligns with the Army’s recent launch of the eLRV prototyping competition, which seeks to enhance the mobility, lethality, protection, and mission load capacity of their Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs) for reconnaissance and security missions.

The Army plans for the eLRV to operate alongside the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) and Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) platforms to enhance the IBCT’s lethality, mobility, and survivability. The unveiling of GM Defense’s eMCV may be the first peek into a future where electricity powers military might.