Chevy Bolt EUV Tops Tesla Model Y in iZEV Rebate Deliveries in May

The Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) program in Canada saw a record number of vehicle deliveries in May, with four brands shipping over 1,000 eligible battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles during the month. According to Transport Canada, over 10,000 Canadians took advantage of the federal rebate program in May, surpassing the previous monthly high set in March.

The brands leading the pack in May were Hyundai, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Tesla, with Hyundai delivering 1,454 vehicles, Toyota 1,352, Chevrolet 1,263, and Tesla 1,094. Other notable contributors included Kia, Mitsubishi, Ford, Jeep, Volkswagen, and Nissan, reports Auto News Canada, citing Transport Canada data.

The iZEV program offers a $5,000 rebate for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) with an electric range greater than 49 kilometers. PHEVs with less electric range qualify for a $2,500 rebate. The program covers zero-emission passenger cars priced under $55,000, and larger vehicles such as pickups, minivans, and SUVs with a base price under $60,000.

The Chevrolet Bolt EUV was the most popular qualifying BEV in May, with 1,038 units delivered. The newly eligible Tesla Model Y placed second with 886 units, and the Hyundai Kona ranked third with 657 deliveries. Expect the Model Y to gain even more traction once June data is available.

In the PHEV category, the Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota Rav4 led the pack, with 869 and 807 deliveries respectively.

In terms of geographical distribution, Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario accounted for the majority of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) shipments, with 5,146, 2,028, and 2,026 eligible deliveries respectively. All Canadian provinces and territories, except Nunavut, saw an increase in eligible BEV and PHEV deliveries in May.