Tesla Model Y Delivered in Canada from China is ‘Perfect’, Says Owner

model y giga shanghai

Tesla recently told Canadian customers their new Model Y vehicles would soon be coming from Giga Shanghai in China, instead of its Fremont factory in California.

The change is likely due to Tesla reallocating Fremont supply to the U.S., so these vehicles can benefit from the current $7,500 federal tax credit.

Canadian Nic Cruz Patane took delivery of a new Model Y RWD with LFP battery and shared thoughts on his new car today, from Toronto, Ontario.

“FIRST LOOK: Tesla Model Y Standard RWD LFP (Made in China) in Toronto. I can absolutely confirm this is the best fit and finish Model Y I have ever seen. Panel gaps are PERFECT. Hood/Doors are spot on,” said Patane.

One change for the Model Y RWD from China that is different from Fremont? Entry Gemini wheels now include Kumho EV tires instead of Continentals.

kumho tires model y

Looking at some of the photos of this new Model Y shared by Patane, the panel gaps look pretty good, especially on the front hood. Some Model Y vehicles from Fremont have had hoods that don’t align, including front headlights as well.

Model y hood

Many other Model Y owners that received cars from Giga Shanghai also agreed with Patane about the excellent build quality. Some online forums had customers that placed orders skeptical about what to expect from cars made at Giga Shanghai. Of course, this is just a small sample of Tesla’s Model Y from China, but so far it seems Giga Shanghai is living up to its reputation.

Have you received delivery of your new Model Y in Canada lately? Was it from Giga Shanghai? What do you think of the build quality?