These are Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Features, Claims Report

It’s no secret Tesla is working on a refresh for its Model 3, codenamed ‘Highland’, expected to bring a host of upgrades and improvements.

As for what’s exactly coming? @Teslascope, a third-party companion software for Tesla vehicles, claims that the refresh will be the most extensive for any existing model in Tesla’s history.

Here are the rumored features of the upcoming Model 3 refresh. Again, do not take any of this as final, as it’s not until it’s announced by Tesla or Elon Musk:

  • An upgraded speaker system with minor improvements, inspired by the newest Model S/X.
  • Improved power efficiency by removing various sensors and relying more on GPS-based data.
  • Potential inclusion of a slimmer iteration of the Model Y HEPA filter, although it’s not confirmed for the final release.
  • Matrix LEDs on all trims
  • Redesigned RGB ambient lights
  • No significant changes expected for the exterior lights.
  • Seat changes aimed at improving ride comfort and reducing vibrations experienced in prior generations.
  • A modernized, redesigned interior that resembles the newest Model S/X.
  • Increased use of recycled materials.
  • The inclusion of HW4 and new cameras.

Despite these upgrades, Teslascope says it is confident that the price of the refreshed Model 3 will be similar to the current generation. This is due to improvements throughout the manufacturing process that have resulted in cost savings for both the company and its customers.

However, the launch date for the Highland remains uncertain due to multiple delays. While some Tesla employees suggest a launch in 1-3 months or later this year, others predict a Q1 2024 release. It appears that Tesla is taking a slow and steady approach to the prototyping process and ensuring supply chains for necessary parts are in place.

Despite the delays, company executives are reportedly proud of the work completed so far on the Highland project.

Again, the post is full of claims that should be taken with a grain of salt. In the past, @Teslascope had hyped up Tesla was set to make a huge announcement at its Investor Day. After the event, the hyped tidbit in question was the simple fact Tesla had goals for global electrification, which according to some was a letdown prediction.