White House Offers Tesla Chargers Subsidies, With One Condition

The White House announced on Friday that Tesla’s model chargers would qualify for billions in federal subsidies, on the condition that they include the CCS (Combined Charging System) connection. This news follows recent announcements from Ford and General Motors (GM) about their adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), signaling a significant shift in the EV charging industry.

The industry previously seemed to be gravitating towards the rival CCS connection, supported by billions in federal funding. However, this latest move indicates an inclusive approach, permitting Tesla’s model chargers to gain from the federal subsidies.

Analysts have pegged the new Ford and GM deals to bring in up to $3 billion for Tesla by 2030.

Robyn Patterson, a spokesperson for the White House, commented on the matter to Reuters, stating, “Earlier this year, we developed minimum standards to ensure publicly funded EV charging is accessible, reliable, and affordable for all drivers, and we required interoperability to promote competition. Those standards give flexibility for adding both CCS and NACS, as long as drivers can count on a minimum of CCS.”

The move is seen as a significant boost for the EV charging infrastructure and a win for the adoption of electric vehicles across the nation. The NACS from Tesla offers a smaller charger connector and charge port compared to CCS. The coalition behind CCS criticized the Tesla-Ford deal. Are we seeing a VHS vs Betamax moment right now in the EV charging space?