Volvo Launches EX30 Electric SUV [VIDEO]

Volvo ex30

Volvo has debuted its compact SUV, the all-electric EX30, promising to deliver the brand’s trademark safety and Scandinavian sophistication, while also promising the smallest carbon footprint of any Volvo to date. The announcement was made at a global unveiling in Milan, Italy.

The EX30 is a first-of-its-kind small premium SUV in Volvo’s lineup, reflecting the rapidly electrifying automotive market it says.

Starting at around EUR 36,000 ($38,500 USD), the EX30 offers the appeal of a premium all-electric SUV for the price of a conventional combustion-engine vehicle. In addition to its attractive pricing, Volvo extends the ease of ownership with its Care by Volvo subscription package.

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Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo, is excited about the new addition, calling the EX30 “small yet mighty.” He assures customers that, despite its size, the EX30 does not compromise on safety, design, or customer convenience.

The EX30 embodies Scandinavian design in a compact format, featuring a long wheelbase, large wheels, and equal overhangs that lend an elegant exterior balance. Five vibrant color options, including a Moss Yellow inspired by Swedish lichen, add personality to the vehicle.

The vehicle showcases Volvo’s cutting-edge battery technology with three powertrain options. A single-motor option with an LFP battery suits city dwellers or short-distance travelers, while the Single Motor Extended Range variant offers the maximum range, capable of traveling up to 480 km between charges. The Twin Motor Performance variant with an NMC battery offers a whopping 315 kW power output, boasting Volvo’s quickest 0-100 km/h acceleration ever it says.

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Volvo has ensured a fast charging capability for the EX30, taking a little over 25 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent. Enhanced driving experience is guaranteed with the car’s low center of gravity and evenly distributed weight, making it an agile ride for city and beyond.

As part of Volvo’s sustainability ambition, the EX30 has been designed to leave a minimal carbon footprint. Moreover, it incorporates numerous safety features including a safety system for cyclists, a state-of-the-art restraint technology, and a high-standard structural design.

The EX30’s interior design offers four distinct styles, along with smart storage options and a single-screen UX with Google built-in, mirroring the typical Volvo design. Additionally, it will be the first Volvo to include the new generation of the popular Park Pilot Assist feature for ease of parking.

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The EX30 also includes digital key functionality and a dedicated app for a range of services. The model can receive over-the-air software updates and offers five different ambient lighting themes to enhance the interior atmosphere.

Volvo is also set to introduce the EX30 Cross Country variant next year, which is designed for customers who enjoy off-road adventures.

The EX30 is now available for order across Europe and in selected other markets. In the United States, pre-orders have started, with the official launch in other markets to be announced in due course.

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