Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Prototype Spotted with New Headlights [VIDEO]

Model 3 highland new headlights

Tesla’s refreshed Model ‘Highland’ prototype has been spotted undergoing testing in California, for the first time in several weeks. The sighting was reported by The Kilowatts, known unofficially as Tesla whisperers for their ability to spot new prototypes in the wild.

The Kilowatts said on Tuesday, “spotted Tesla’s Project Highland Prototype Model 3 for the first time in several weeks testing in California this morning!”

A video was also shared showing the Model 3 ‘Highland’ turning left. The rear blinkers and taillights look to match that of the Model Y.

A close-up image shows the new headlights, a convincing look at an upcoming change:

Highlight headlights

The prototype, which has been under wraps for several weeks, was seen sporting new headlights and what looked like Hardware 4 (HW4) cameras, confirming earlier speculations about potential upgrades in the refreshed model. The HW4 cameras are expected to enhance the vehicle’s self-driving capabilities, a key feature of Tesla’s EVs and also rolling out for the Model Y from Giga Texas.

Hw4 cameras highland

The Kilowatts emphasized their commitment to ethical reporting, stating, “We only capture what we can see from legal public or publicly accessible areas and treat the cars how we would like to be treated.” They further added that they respect the privacy of the vehicles, likening them to their own vinyl-wrapped cars, which they wouldn’t want unwrapped just to reveal the color underneath.

Tesla has yet to officially announce any details about the Model 3 ‘Highland’ or its expected release date. One rumour claimed it was set to be unveiled in China to coincide with Musk’s recent visit, but that story fizzled.