SpaceX Celebrates 3 Years of Human Spaceflight [VIDEO]

Spacex dragon hero

SpaceX celebrated a significant milestone this week as it marked the third anniversary of its first-ever human spaceflight mission to orbit. Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to acknowledge the momentous occasion and express gratitude for the continued support and collaboration it has received from NASA, Inspiration4, Axiom Space, and the international team of astronauts.

In a tweet that highlighted the substantial progress SpaceX has made in the realm of commercial space travel, the company said, “Three years ago this week we launched our first human spaceflight mission to orbit. Thank you to @NASA, @inspiration4x, @Axiom_Space, and the 38 astronauts from all around the world for flying SpaceX!”

Check out the short 1-minute video below:

This tweet not only commemorates the company’s journey over the past three years but also acknowledges the critical partnerships that have helped propel SpaceX into its current position as a leader in the aerospace industry. The collaboration with NASA, Inspiration4, and Axiom Space has paved the way for SpaceX’s numerous successful missions and the advancement of human spaceflight.

Reflecting on the 38 astronauts from around the globe who have taken part in SpaceX’s various missions, the company recognizes their courage and commitment to space exploration. These individuals represent the global passion for space travel and have played a significant role in advancing SpaceX’s vision of making life multi-planetary.

Just yesterday, SpaceX Dragon safely returned Axiom Space 2 astronauts back to Earth from the Space Station.