SpaceX Offers $100 Discount on Starlink Kits at Retailers

best buy starlink kit sale

SpaceX is offering a $100 discount to US customers on Starlink satellite internet hardware kits. The discount is available for the standard Starlink dish through retail giants Best Buy and Home Depot. As of Thursday, both retailers have reduced the regular $599 price tag to $499, reports PCMag.

This price reduction comes as a welcome surprise for consumers who have been considering the satellite internet service. Despite the upfront hardware cost, Starlink has the capability to deliver high-speed internet to rural and remote areas, as well as locations with limited broadband options.

The duration of the discount remains uncertain, but it aligns with other Memorial Day sales, suggesting that the reduced price could be in effect through Monday.

The discount also hints SpaceX’s efforts to stimulate Starlink sales in the US. Traditionally, the company has sold the satellite internet service to consumers through its official site. However, this month, SpaceX expanded its sales channels to include Best Buy and Home Depot, thereby increasing the service’s visibility to consumers.

starlink home depot

Both retailers seem to have Starlink units available at physical stores for immediate pickup. However, it appears that Best Buy and Home Depot have restricted sales in US states where the residential tier for Starlink is currently on a waitlist. Therefore, prospective consumers are advised to check the official map and enter their address to confirm Starlink service availability at their desired location before making a purchase.

When SpaceX initially launched the service, the standard Starlink dish was priced at $499. However, last year, the company increased the hardware price to $599, attributing the hike to inflation. In addition to the hardware cost, consumers are required to pay a monthly fee of $90 or $120 to receive internet with the Starlink residential plan, depending on their location.