Malawi and Starlink Restore Internet Post Cyclone Freddy

Cyclone Freddy wreaked havoc in Malawi, leaving over 600,000 people homeless and causing significant damage to the country’s infrastructure. In response to this disaster, the government of Malawi, through The Tony Blair Institute’s (TBI) Tomorrow Partnership, is joining forces with SpaceX to leverage Starlink to restore internet connectivity in the affected communities.

The initiative aims to extend internet access to every citizen in the country, a significant leap from the historical figure where only 35% of Malawians had internet access. Starlink was approved to operate in Malawi last October.

The partnership aims to install internet terminals across the devastated regions, thereby re-establishing crucial services that were disrupted by the cyclone. This initiative will ensure that citizens can access vital information, communicate with loved ones, and utilize essential online services, aiding in the recovery and rebuilding process.

The collaboration between the Malawian government, TBI’s Tomorrow Partnership, and Starlink underscores the importance of digital connectivity in disaster response and recovery, and the role of innovative technology solutions in addressing such challenges.