New Starlink Plans for Fixed and Mobile Users

Starlink plans

Just over a week ago, SpaceX tweaked its Starlink satellite internet plans, offering unlimited data for its standard plans.

Today, SpaceX emailed out the news to subscribers detailing the “new Starlink offerings”.

“Starlink is now offering new service plans for both fixed and mobile users!” explained SpaceX.

New Priority Plans

According to SpaceX, “Starlink Priority plans are best for businesses and other high demand users at one location. Now starting at $250/mo, these plans include faster download and upload speeds, including during times of peak usage, priority customer support, and a public IP address.”

Once Priority data (best for businesses and high demand users) is exhausted, the plans include unlimited Standard data.

New Mobile Priority Plans

As for Starlink Mobile Priority plans, they “provide high-speed internet while in motion around the world, whether on land or the ocean.”

These plans “start at $250/mo for 50 GB of Mobile Priority data, which enables our fastest network speeds. After using all Mobile Priority data, the plan includes unlimited Standard data on land.” These plans are geared towards mobility and Maritime users.

SpaceX cautions that “use of Starlink in motion, on land, and in territorial waters around the world is subject to local government approval.”

Later today, SpaceX will launch another batch of 51 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, targeted for 1:09pm PDT.