Tesla Increases Price of Model 3 and Model Y in US, Canada, China and More

model y usa price increase

Tesla has again tweaked the pricing of its Model 3 and Model Y in the United States and beyond, but not significantly.

Price increases of $250 USD have been applied to select versions of the Model 3 and Model Y. Similar increases have also taken place in South Korea and China.

Model 3 (USA):

  • RWD: $40,240 (was $39,990; +$250)
  • Performance: $53,240 (was $52,990; +$250)

Model Y (USA):

  • AWD: $47,240 (was $46,990; +$250)
  • Long Range: $50,240 (was $49,990; +$250)
  • Performance: $54,240 (was $53,990; +$250)

In Canada, the Model 3 Performance and Model Y Performance went up by $300 CAD to $73,290 CAD and $76,290 CAD respectively.

Here are the price increases for Model 3 and Model Y in South Korea, as per @tslachan:

…and here are the Model 3 and Model Y price increases in China as per Yan Chang, up 2,000 RMB or about $289 USD:

Back on April 18, Tesla dropped the prices of Model 3 and Model Y in the US by up to $3,000. The game of price tweaking continues and you can get Tesla is testing the waters of what people are willing to pay, especially with up to $7,500 US tax credits available.

Are you seeing Tesla price changes in your country? Let us know in the comments below…