Tesla Model S/X Orders in Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand Also Not Available

Previously we told you how Tesla had paused Model S and Model X orders on its website for Australian customers, and now it appears this is also the case in other Asia Pacific nations.

According to Reuters, Tesla’s website for Thailand, Singapore, and New Zealand on Sunday also no longer allow for Model S and Model X orders, but of course, Model 3 and Model Y remain widely available.

Tesla’s Model S and Model X are flagship vehicles that saw a refresh in 2021 and are more expensive than the high-volume production vehicles of Model 3 and Model Y. The Model S and Model X are only manufactured at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California and require export to Asia Pacific, which takes a long time and adds to costs.

In Tesla’s first quarter, the company saw a 38% drop in deliveries of its Model S and Model X, but overall posted a record number of deliveries powered by its Model 3 and Model Y, made in California, Texas, Germany and China.

Tesla has made some huge price cuts in 2023, putting pressure on legacy automakers, as Elon Musk’s company is giving up some of its industry-leading margins to reach high-volume sales.