Honda Unveils EV Prototypes, Concept at Auto Shanghai

Honda ev prototype


  • Honda debuted two prototypes, the e:NP2 and e:NS2, and a concept model, the e:N SUV 序, at Auto Shanghai 2023, as part of its e:N Series EV lineup.
  • The automaker aims for 100% EV sales in China by 2035, with plans to introduce 10 Honda-brand EV models in the country by 2027.
  • The new e:N Series models showcase unique driving experiences, intelligent interior spaces, and sleek designs, with production models set for launch in 2024.

Honda premiered two prototype models, the e:NP2 Prototype and the e:NS2 Prototype, along with a concept model, the e:N SUV 序, at Auto Shanghai 2023 earlier this week. These new electric vehicle models are part of Honda’s e:N Series lineup, aimed at achieving 100% EV sales in China by 2035.

Honda’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 drives its plan to introduce 10 Honda-brand EV models in China by 2027. Production models based on the e:NP2 and e:NS2 Prototypes, comprising the second set of Honda e:N Series EV models, are set to go on sale in early 2024. These vehicles offer customers new value by surpassing the framework of existing EVs.

The e:N SUV 序 concept model, representing the prologue of new-generation EV models for the Honda e:N Series, combines wild, SUV-like characteristics with near-futuristic intelligence. Honda aims to launch production models based on this concept before the end of 2024.

These new e:N Series models will accelerate Honda’s electrification efforts in China, pushing the automaker closer to its goal of 100% EV sales in the country by 2035, ahead of its global target of 100% EV and fuel cell vehicle sales by 2040.

The e:NP2 and e:NS2 Prototypes embody Honda’s e:N Series concept of “Dynamics, Intelligence, and Beauty.” They feature unique driving experiences, intelligent interior spaces with advanced features such as Honda CONNECT 4.0, and sleek designs that merge the utility of SUVs and the elegance of sedans.

The e:N SUV 序 concept model takes the e:N Series concept to a new level, offering Honda’s signature driving performance, state-of-the-art safety and driver assistance systems, AI-powered Honda CONNECT technologies, and a design that fuses a wild SUV nature with near-futuristic intelligence.

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Honda didn’t share any specifics on range, battery or pricing but it remains to be seen if the automaker can stay on track and shift to EVs, and stay relevant in the competitive EV market in China.