CATL Unveils Battery Tech for Electric Passenger Aircrafts

Catl condensed battery plane


  • CATL unveils condensed battery technology with 500 Wh/kg energy density, revolutionizing electric aviation and automotive industries.
  • The innovative battery employs biomimetic condensed state electrolytes and other advanced materials for enhanced performance and safety.
  • CATL collaborates with partners to develop electric passenger aircrafts and plans to mass-produce automotive-grade condensed batteries within the year.

Tesla supplier CATL introduced its groundbreaking condensed battery technology at Auto Shanghai on Wednesday.

Boasting an energy density of up to 500 Wh/kg, the innovative battery promises high energy density and safety simultaneously, paving the way for electrification of passenger aircrafts. CATL expects to achieve mass production of the condensed battery soon.

The condensed battery utilizes highly conductive biomimetic condensed state electrolytes to create a micron-level self-adaptive net structure. This structure enhances the conductive performance of the cells and lithium-ion transport efficiency while maintaining the microstructure’s stability.

Additionally, the battery incorporates various technologies, including ultra-high energy density cathode materials, anode materials, separators, and manufacturing processes, delivering exceptional charge and discharge performance and safety.

The launch of this state-of-the-art technology overcomes long-standing limitations in the battery sector, opening up new electrification possibilities focused on safety and lightweight design, said the Chinese battery maker.

Catl condensed battery

CATL is currently collaborating with partners to develop electric passenger aircrafts and adhering to aviation-grade safety and quality standards. The company also plans to release an automotive-grade version of the condensed battery, with mass production anticipated within the year.

“Meeting customers’ requirements is the core driving force that drives technological innovation for CATL,” said Wu Kai, Chief Scientist of CATL, in a statement.

He added that CATL has the most extensive battery technology roadmap globally and has developed the capability to convert fundamental research into industrial applications and large-scale commercial use.

In 2021, CATL introduced the first-generation sodium-ion battery with an energy density of 160 Wh/kg, which has been launched with Chery Automobile. In 2022, CATL revealed the Qilin battery with the highest integration efficiency worldwide, and mass production began in March, used on high-end BEVs such as ZEEKR, AITO, and Li Auto.

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