Tesla Master Plan Part 3 Released [PDF Download]

Tesla master plan part 3

During Tesla’s Investor Day last month, the company introduced its Master Plan Part 3, but now it has released the full PDF outline of the plan that details “a proposed path to reach a sustainable global energy economy through end-use electrification and sustainable electricity generation and storage.”

Tesla announced the document on Wednesday afternoon. “This paper outlines the assumptions, sources and calculations behind that proposal. Input and conversation are welcome,” said Tesla.

In a nutshell, Master Plan Part 3 requires 240 TWh of energy storage, 30TW of renewable power, $10 trillion of manufacturing investment, and 10% of 2022 GDP.

Tesla is also providing the U.S. fully electrified demand profile used in modeling:

Click here to download Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 PDF here. It will be incredible if the world pulls this off.