Tesla Launches Cybervault Charging Lock Box in China for $800 USD

cybervault china

Tesla has launched its Cybervault charging pile in China, designed to provide a convenient and economical home charging solution for Tesla owners.

The charging pile weighs 13 kilograms and is compatible with all Tesla models. It has a single-phase 220V charging device with a charging performance of 32A/7KW and comes with a 6-meter-long charging cable. The charging pile also supports plug-and-play charging, scheduled charging/departure on time, and other charging experiences.

Check out the promo video below:

The Cybervault charging pile is tailor-made for the Chinese market and adopts the Cybertruck design language, integrated with a protective outer box and charging equipment to meet customers’ needs for safety, economy, beauty, and durability, says Tesla’s website.

cybervault inside

The charging pile supports one machine and two uses, and it can be converted into a mobile charging connector with a special adapter (8A) after removing the main body of the charger from the outer box.

In addition, Tesla Cybervault charging pile customers will get cables within 30 meters, foundation construction, survey, construction plan design, and quotation, charger installation and power transmission debugging, up to 12 months warranty on installation work, and necessary auxiliary materials in the process of cable construction.

According to Tesla, the charging pile will be sent to the service provider after the installation conditions are met, and the service provider will bring the charging pile to the customer’s door. If the customer does not meet the installation conditions, they can apply for a full refund.

The Tesla China marketing team teased something big was coming on April 3 and all we got was this cool-looking Cybertruck-themed charging lock box. Just take my money!

Tesla’s Cybervault charging pile costs 5,500 RMB, or about $800 USD. There’s a lock combination on the side to lock up your charger so unauthorized people can’t use it, which is a feature that brings benefits to those in busy urban areas.

Check out a hands-on video overview of Cybervault below:

YouTube video