Tesla CCS Retrofit Reviewed by 2016 Model X Owner [VIDEO]

A video shared by JoshWest247 on Wednesday shows charging tests comparing Tesla’s CCS charging adapter retrofit to a CHAdeMO charger on a 2016 Model X.

The video shows the process of Josh, taking the vehicle to a Tesla service center in Mississauga, Ontario, where the automaker’s employees were able to install the necessary firmware and retrofit kit for CCS charging.

Josh later goes on to test the kit out at a CCS charging station, alongside tests of the previous CHAdeMO adapter.

In addition, Josh says the software component of the upgrade took the longest for the service personnel, though the overall installation of the hardware is fairly straightforward.

He also compares how Tesla offers these retrofit kits for older cars to legacy automakers, which simply leave vehicle owners without the ability to upgrade their automobiles at all.

Tesla launched the CCS adapter retrofit for Model S and Model X units just a few weeks ago, though it hasn’t yet launched the hardware for older Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. That’s coming in “mid-2023” according to Tesla’s website (previously it was “early 2023”).

The retrofit means with a CCS Combo 1 Adapter, these older Tesla vehicles can take advantage of DC fast-charging at third-party locations that have CCS chargers.

You can see Josh’s full nine-minute discussion and tests of the CCS charging adapter below, along with his thoughts and experiences with the Tesla service center in Mississauga and a handful of feelings about traditional automakers.

YouTube video