SpaceX Preps Starlink Launch in South Korea, as Subsidiary Set Up: Report

Starlink V2 Minis

SpaceX looks to launch its Starlink satellite internet service in South Korea, reports Yonhap News Agency.

Sources claim SpaceX has established a subsidiary in Seoul, called Starlink Korea LLC. It was created on March 8 and lists Lauren Ashley Dreyer, SpaceX’s senior director of Starlink business operations, as the representative, say sources.

Earlier this year, SpaceX applied for business registration in South Korea with plans to launch Starlink in Q2 of this year. Sources say the registration process has not been completed and has yet to be reviewed by South Korea’s science ministry, but it should take place within 30 days of a corporate registration, say sources.

SpaceX recently launched its first batch of second-gen Starlink satellites that offer 4x more capability than its predecessors, adding more capacity to the low-Earth constellation network.

Starlink currently is available around the globe where allowed by governments. Starlink launched its Roam service officially yesterday, allowing customers to take its Internet service anywhere on the planet where service is available.