SpaceX Shortens Starlink Cable by 33%; App Now Shows Percentage of Obstructions

starlink cable 50 feet

SpaceX recently made a change to its Starlink Kit, specifically reducing the length of the included cable that attaches to the company’s dish.

The Starlink Kit includes the Starlink V3 rectangular dish itself, base for the dish, router, Starlink cable and 6-foot AC cable. The Starlink Cable length has been shortened from 75 feet (22.9m) down to 50 feet (15.2m), as spotted by @NathanOwens.

It’s unclear why SpaceX shortened the Starlink Cable, but it could be a cost-saving measure. The Starlink Cable connects to the dish, then back into the router. Some customers need the full 75 meters for their installation set up.

For those that need longer than 50 feet? The Starlink shop offers a 150-foot extended cable option for purchase. However, this cable cannot be coupled to the original Starlink Cable.

In other Starlink news, the company’s latest iOS app update (version 2023.09.0) now shows the percentage of time and sky obstructions at the bottom of the Debug Data screen.

Recently, SpaceX rebranded its RV service to Starlink Roam and debuted a global roaming option for $200 USD per month. Currently, there’s a 54% hardware sale for Starlink hardware in Canada.