SpaceX Starlink on JSX Flight Gets Tested and Reviewed

Photo: SpaceX

A new test of SpaceX’s Starlink internet aboard a JSX flight landed this week from Zach Griff of The Points Guy, who went on to call the service “blazing-fast.”

Using five different Apple devices — two MacBooks, two iPhones and an iPad — Griff tested out the carrier’s included Starlink Wi-Fi by keeping a streaming service in the background of each device at all times.

Griff says connecting to the internet was completely seamless by simply selecting the Wi-Fi network, without having to go through any landing pages or sign-ins.

Next, Griff performed four simultaneous speed tests using, with each device topping download speeds of 100 Mbps. He also pointed out that the most impressive part was the low level of ping, which clocked between 28 and 150 milliseconds for the various devices — which he notes is “incredible” for in-flight Wi-Fi.

In addition to the speed tests, Griff tested the service out by joining a Zoom meeting with fellow The Points Guy reporter Chris Dong, adding that both the audio and video worked perfectly.

Image: The Points Guy

He also tested other functions, such as sending an email, downloading Beyoncé’s album Renaissance and downloading apps, each of which was smooth and quick, according to the report.

“So long as Starlink can maintain this level of reliability, I’d love to see more airlines consider installing the service in the future, especially as competitive pressure mounts in the U.S. for carriers to offer fast and free Wi-Fi,” Griff added.