SpaceX Launches Starlink Hardware Rentals in the U.K.

SpaceX has officially launched hardware rentals for its high-speed satellite internet service, Starlink, in the U.K. (via Reddit).

“Starlink is now offering hardware rentals throughout the United Kingdom,” SpaceX says on the Starlink website.

Buying your own Starlink hardware in the U.K. costs £529. Renting it, however, only costs £15 per month. In addition to the £15 hardware rental, Starlink connections in the U.K. cost £75 per month, and there’s also a one-time £99 activation fee.

Image: Reddit user “Se_AzA”

The launch of hardware rentals in the U.K. comes as SpaceX files paperwork for new Starlink dish sizes, one of which is expected to be significantly smaller than the current “Dishy.” One Reddit user noted that rental availability presents an opportunity for subscribers to rent a rectangular dish for now and purchase one of the new dishes when they become available.

Earlier this week, SpaceX launched its first batch of next-generation Starlink “V2 Mini” satellites. The satellite broadband service surpassed one million active users in December 2022, and it is constantly expanding to more countries and regions. According to a recent report, SpaceX has partnered with Swiss telecom company Salt to bring Starlink connectivity to mobile customers in Switzerland.