Tesla’s Optimus Robot Now Has its Own Twitter Account [VIDEO]

tesla optimus bot

Tesla has created a dedicated Twitter account for its Optimus robot, following other company projects such as Tesla Charging and more.

“A general purpose, bi-pedal, humanoid robot capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring,” is the description of the Twitter account for Tesla Optimus, which links to the company’s website to apply for jobs to work on the robot (there are 27 job postings located in Palo Alto, California). The account says it joined in January 2023.

The account is following three people: Tesla, Elon Musk and SpaceX. It has yet to send out its first tweet.

Back in September, Tesla unveiled its Optimus robot prototype at its 2022 AI Day.

Elon Musk said Optimus at scale would be less than $20,000 USD. The first Tesla Optimus prototype was built with off the shelf parts, but the latest prototype is being built using in-house made parts, including actuators. Tesla hopes to deliver Optimus in 3 to 5 years and manufactured at scale, with the robot powered by the company’s Autopilot hardware.

Tesla’s YouTube channel shared a video called “Tesla Bot, Actuators Team” yesterday on YouTube, detailing more about Optimus in-house development. Check it out below:

YouTube video