MyQ Extends Tesla Connected Garage Free Trial: How to Get More than 30 Days

Last month, Tesla released a software update integrating myQ garage doors with the company’s vehicles, to allow for seamless automatic opening and closing of your garage door, based on your vehicle’s location.

The myQ free trial was only set for 30 days, but it has now been extended. MyQ emailed customers on Friday afternoon and Tesla North received an email confirming the change.

According to myQ, its email says “Who doesn’t like an extra long test drive?”. The company continues to add, “We’re glad this new feature has been convenient for you. We’ve extended your free-trial period, as we continue to optimize the myQ Connected Garage service.”

For those that signed up 30 days ago for the free trial, you’re likely seeing an error with your myQ setup. The company says if this is the case, all you have to do is unlink, then relink your Tesla to your myQ account to keep enjoying the free trial.

You can edit your myQ settings from your Tesla vehicle’s screen by going to Locks > myQ Connected Garage and unlink your account. Just follow the steps to re-link your myQ to your Tesla account and the free trial will be extended, as Tesla North can confirm. No payment info is required.

Canadian pricing is from $59 for 1 year, $235 for 5 years and $395 for 10 years. USA pricing is from $45 for 1 year, $179 for 5 years and $299 for 10 years. After experiencing how seamless this setup is, we’re contemplating opening our wallets after the free trial.

You can click here to learn how to setup myQ Garage with your Tesla. So far, the service has run very smoothly and it’s nice to be able to customize the distance that sets when your garage door will open.