Tesla Confirms New Larger Rear Display for Model S/X, Also Shown in China

Model s plaid china rear screen

Image via Yan Chang

Earlier this week it was reported the 2023 Tesla Model S and Model X was said to include a new larger rear display, as shared by a picture of a Model S in Europe.

While it’s easy to assume all pictures on the internet are real, sometimes it’s worth taking things with a grain of salt. But we now know for certain there is indeed a larger rear screen for the Tesla Model S and Model X for 2023.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk ‘liked’ the picture we previously shared, tweeted out by @JeffTutorials. That essentially is a mark of approval and legitimacy.

Now, we’re seeing another image of the larger rear display in the Model S, courtesy of Yan Chang (@cyfoxcat) in China. Tesla is currently touring the new Model S and Model X in showrooms in China ahead of deliveries. We now are seeing a second image of this rear display that is larger with thinner bezels.

The rear display allows passengers in the back to control climate, infotainment and also play games. It would be nice to have a screen at the back of each headrest to prevent ‘smartphone neck’ for kids.

For now, only the flagship Model S and Model X have a rear display. But third-party companies such as Hansshow offer solutions for Model 3 and Model Y customers (use coupon code TESLANORTH to save).