2023 Tesla Model S/X Reportedly Gets Larger Rear Display

tesla model s/x larger rear display

Left: old Model S/X refresh rear display; Right: alleged 2023 Model S/X rear display

Tesla appears to have upgraded the rear display on its 2023 Model S and Model X to a larger-looking display with thinner bezels. That’s according to an image shared by @JeffTutorials on Wednesday morning.

“Tesla has updated the rear screen in the 2023 Model S/X with much thinner bezels!”, said Jeff on Wednesday.

You can see how the allegedly new rear screen size on the right, is larger than the original pictured on the left, in our side-by-side shown above.

At this time, we haven’t seen a second image of this alleged new rear display shared on the web yet. The original image was shared by Vlad Ionut of the Tesla Owners Club Romania on Facebook on Tuesday morning, suggesting this change is first happening with European Model S/X deliveries. “The new S/X has a bigger back screen,” said Ionut.

Model s x display vlad ionut

Recently, the 2022.36.2 software update from October disabled the rear display for some Model S owners, resulting in a dimly-lit rear display that was no longer functioning. Some were able to have the rear display remotely fixed after reaching out to Tesla support. Tesla’s subsequent 2022.36.4 software update fixed the rear display issue for owners.

Have you seen a new larger rear display in your Model S or Model X? Let us know in the comments.