SpaceX Says Starlink Now Reaches All of Alaska, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway

starlink canada map

On the weekend we told you SpaceX had expanded Starlink to all of Canada, Norway and Sweden. On Monday, SpaceX confirmed what we reported, announcing Starlink had again expanded its coverage.

SpaceX just announced under an hour ago that Starlink “is now available across all of Alaska and Canada,” directing users to the updated coverage map that now shows all of these areas in light blue, denoting “available”.

“Now also serving Finland, in addition to expanding coverage across all of Sweden and Norway”, said SpaceX in a follow-up tweet.

These Starlink updates mean prospective customers in these areas can now enter in their address and order a Starlink kit. For areas in the far north, previous connectivity is from legacy satellite internet operators, offering slow and expensive service. Starlink brings high-speed internet from a growing satellite constellation in lower-Earth orbit, offering fast downloads and low latency required for video calls and online gaming.

Are you going to order Starlink today now that coverage has expanded?