Tesla Now Letting Salvaged Cars Return to Superchargers

Tesla is looking to create a system to restore salvaged vehicle access to the Supercharger network, according to an internal document obtained by electrek.

The document, entitled “Salvaged-Titled Vehicle Fast Charging Safety Inspection,” details plans for a two-step process to investigate a vehicle’s battery pack and charging components, before restoring access to Superchargers.

Upon passing inspections, salvaged Tesla vehicles will regain access to the Superchargers, while those that fail will become eligible for service center repairs.

The news is positive for those who have worked on their own Teslas or brought previously salvaged models back up to running-ready shape.

The process is being established for all Tesla models and the document includes the following steps for Supercharger reinstatement, as shared by electrek:

1. The Salvage-Titled Vehicle Fast-Charging Safety Inspection cannot be started until the vehicle has passed the Salvage-Titled Vehicle High Voltage Safety Inspection.

2. If a component fails inspection, diagnosis is required, and component rectification may be required.

3. Diagnosis and component rectification are not included in this inspection procedure and may be performed only at customer expense.

4. If the customer declines to authorize repair, stop the inspection procedure, note that the vehicle has failed the inspection and reinstall any removed components. Fast-Charging will not be enabled.

5. Once the vehicle has passed inspection and fast charging has been enabled, if the vehicle fails the final charging test, any further diagnosis or repair are treated like any other vehicle. If charging has already been enabled and the customer declines further diagnosis or repair, do not disable fast-charging.

While the move is positive, some expect Tesla to establish pricey repair processes for reinstating a salvaged vehicle’s Supercharger access.

However, the ability to use repaired Tesla vehicles is also likely to increase their value substantially, and will hopefully help encourage the reuse of the automaker’s electric vehicles.