Tesla Continues to Lead EV Registrations, Luxury Car Segment in U.S.

New data from Experian Automotive shows electric vehicle (EV) registrations rose 57% through September in the U.S., reports Automotive News.

EV leader Tesla remained the leader of EV registrations, while also sitting atop the luxury car segment. But as other companies release more EVs, it has resulted in Tesla’s share dipping slightly by 2.8%.

Tesla saw its year-over-year registrations increase by 50% from January to September in 2022.

Overall EV registrations jumped 57% year-over-year to 530,577 through to September, while electric light-vehicle registrations saw a record 5.2% to total registrations, up from 2.8% in 2021.

Since the start of 2021, automakers have launched 15 EV models in the U.S., while 8 have debuted this year, based on data shared by the EV subscription company, Autonomy.

Meanwhile, other automakers increased their EV registrations by 71% through September with 183,750 registrations from 22 brands.

Tesla takes four out of 10 spots for EV registrations, led by Model Y and Model 3, with Model X and Model S in fourth and fifth place, respectively. The Ford Mustang Mach-E was in third, well behind Tesla’s Model 3 and Y, which took 57% of total EV registrations.

Model Y registrations jumped 30% year-over-year, while Model 3 increased 46% over the same period.

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E increased 59% year-over-year.

top 10 EV models

When it comes to new luxury car registrations—regardless of fuel type—Tesla led with 346,827, ahead of BMW in second place and Mercedes-Benz in third.

luxury brands registrations

Automakers losing in the EV race include Chevy, which saw registrations drop 16%, while Volkswagen saw an 8.5% decline.