Rivian Delays Max Pack R1T Deliveries to Spring 2023

Rivian has pushed back deliveries of R1T electric trucks configured with Max packs, the automaker’s largest battery option, to Spring 2023 at the earliest for Dual-Motor variants, and 2024 for top-of-the-line Quad-Motor versions (via @klwtts).

“Your delivery window estimate has been updated in your account. R1T Quad-Motor + Max pack deliveries are now planned to start in 2024,” the company told Max pack R1T reservation holders in an email.

“We apologize for this shift in timing and realize it is disruptive to your ability to plan. We are working hard to ramp and deliver as many vehicles as possible.”

The electric vehicle (EV) startup has had a rough go of production these past few months. Back in August, Rivian had to scrap the Explore package for the R1T and R1S entirely, forcing customers to either upgrade or cancel their reservations.

Between July and September, Rivian only produced a total of 7,363 cars and delivered 6,584.

“We plan to share more news on Max pack later this year, including an earlier launch for Dual-Motor + Max pack with deliveries starting in Summer 2023,” Rivian said.

For reservation holders who want to take delivery even sooner, Rivian suggested they reconfigure their order to the smaller Large pack. The Large pack comes with an EPA-estimated range of 314 miles for the R1T, while the company has projected over 400 miles of range for its electric truck with the Max pack.

“If at any time you reconfigure or change your delivery address, your delivery estimate in your Account will update to ‘processing’ pending our next scheduled refresh,” the email continued.

“We plan to refresh your estimate every three months, which means you can expect updates in January, April, July, and October of each calendar year. Moving forward, further updates to your delivery estimate will be shared in your Account.”

Earlier this month, Rivian recalled a whopping 13,000 vehicles — nearly every single unit it has delivered so far — over a potential loss of steering control due to a loose fastener.