The Boring Company Has Sold 28,700 Bottles of ‘Burnt Hair’ Perfume in 1 Week: Musk

Burnt Hair: The Boring Company

Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company CEO, Elon Musk, announced on Tuesday evening the latter has sold 28,700 bottles of its limited-edition ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume.

“28,700 bottles of exquisite Burnt Hair perfume already sold!”, said Musk, adding, “Only 1,300 left of this unique, limited edition, collector’s item.”

That makes for 30,000 total bottles of ‘Burnt Hair’ scent to be sold and so far, 96% of those bottles have been sold at $100 USD each. Once sold out, that makes $3 million USD in revenue earned from the perfume that debuted one week ago.

When ‘Burnt Hair’ debuted last week, Musk described it as “The finest fragrance on Earth!”. Originally, Burnt Hair was teased by Musk at the end of September, saying it was “Scent for Men by Singed”. He also said “I guess this joke is a slow burn.” The Boring Company’s checkout also accepts cryptocurrency such as Dogecoin, naturally.

Update: Musk shared two hours later the bottles are officially sold out.

Did you buy a bottle or two of ‘Burnt Hair’?