Sixt to Buy 100,000 EVs from BYD Through 2028

BYD is partnering with e-mobility company Sixt in a sale of several thousands of EVs, with deliveries set to begin taking place this year, as detailed in a press release from the ride-sharing platform this week.

Following initial deliveries in Q4 2022 in Europe, Sixt also plans to purchase 100,000 EVs through 2028 and the two companies will explore other cooperation options down the line.

“SIXT offers easy-to-use, flexible, and limitless mobility to its customers every day. With over one million units produced from January to August 2022, BYD is the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer in the area of eMobility,” said CEO Vinzenz Pflanz. “The agreement with BYD is an important milestone to deliver on our promise of putting significantly more e-cars onto the street. We are very much looking forward to our cooperation with BYD.”

The first deliveries will become available to customers in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK, with the BYD ATTO 3 set to be the first vehicle to hit the platform.

Sixt plans to electrify as much as 70 to 90 percent of its fleet by 2030 including several different manufacturers and models.

In August, BYD announced plans to open its first store in Copenhagen, Denmark in Q4, alongside plans to expand to Sweden, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Australia and Thailand.