BC Hydro EV Charging Network Update: September 2022

BC Hydro

BC Hydro, the utility for British Columbia, Canada, sent an update to customers on Thursday detailing the latest electric vehicle charging station updates.

As for new sites, BC Hydro says, “we recently completed two new sites: Duncan (up to 100kW charging) and McLeod Lake. Next up is a station currently under construction in Kitimat.”

Existing site updates include an extra 50kW charging station at their popular site in Whistler.

BC Hydro says they plan to install additional charging stations at the following 50 kW charging sites, plus make accessibility improvements:

Additional 100kW:

Additional 50kW only due to technical limitations of sites:

BC Hydro says Tesla drivers can now also charge at its 100kW stations, now that the electric automaker officially sells a CC1 adapter in Canada and the USA. For those with Tesla’s Chademo adapter, charging speeds are limited to 50kW.

The BC Hydro EV app lets EV drivers charge on BC Hydro, FLO, and ChargePoint networks across North America, available for download from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.