2022.20.16 Tesla Update: FSD Beta for Employees

Tesla has started rolling out its 2022.20.16 update on Friday evening, which includes Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta for employee vehicles, according to third-party companion service, @Teslascope.

Just yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said FSD beta would be coming “in a few days with additional polish.” Looks like that schedule is on track.

Musk also said FSD beta would expand to those with Safety Scores above 80, after FSD beta is released for all testers. The lowering of the Safety Score threshold to qualify for the FSD beta download means Tesla will be able to grow its testing fleet beyond 100,000 owners.

The Tesla CEO also added that FSD beta 10.69.3 would be released “shortly after AI Day,” with the latter set for September 30, 2022.