Tesla to Launch Photos From Referral Program Winners into Space on August 4

Photo: SpaceX

Tesla is going to launch photos from winners of its referral program into deep space on August 4, four years after the program went live. (via @oha_alex).

Back in 2018, Tesla initiated a referral program for its customers. Existing Tesla owners could generate and share referral codes with others, and those looking to buy an electric vehicle (EV) from the company could use them to bag free Supercharging credits.

Referrers, meanwhile, earned prizes corresponding to the number of people they invited. One of these prizes was the opportunity to have a picture of their choice launched into space. The company discontinued its referral program for free Supercharging in September 2021.

Tesla started asking referral program winners to send over the photos they’d like to send into space last month. The EV maker has now informed winners that their photos will be liftoff as part of SpaceX’s KPLO mission on Thursday, August 4.

“Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy — thank you for your support in making it a reality,” the company told the winners. According to language from the original referral program, Tesla will laser-etch winners’ images of choice onto glass and send them into deep space, where they will remain for “millions of years.”

Tesla did not say if this is going to be the only launch of its kind — the company likely has thousands of pictures to send into space since the prize only required one referral — or if there will be more in the future.